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Q: 1: How do I use the Betslip?

The Betslip allows you to do everything you could with the old one, but also contains some fancy new additions to make placing a bet even easier.

Controlling the Betslip
The betslip is designed to be used inline, which means it has a static position in the window.  As you scroll the window the betslip will stay in place meaning you can always see what you are adding and removing from the slip.

You do have the option if you prefer to “Pop out” the betslip so it appears in a new window in a similar way to our previous betslip.  You can pop it in at any time and if you lose the betslip you can recall it by clicking on the betslip button in the top right hand area of the screen.

Single Bet
To place a ‘Single Bet’ simply click on the odds of your selection. It will appear in the ‘Selection’ section of the betslip. Then enter the amount you want to stake and click on ‘Bet Now’.
To bet each-way just tick the E/W box before clicking ‘Bet Now’.

Multiple Bet
To place a ‘Multiple Bet’ click on the odds of all the selections you want. They will appear individually in the ‘Selection’ section of the betslip. Tick the boxes of the selections you want to include in your multiple bet. All of your multiple bet options will appear in the ‘Betting Options’ section below. Then simply choose the amount you want to stake and click on ‘Bet Now’.

Help: If you are having trouble using the betslip then you can find out more by clicking on the 'Help' link.

Information Links: If you want to view information on the selection you have made or betting options then hover over the 'Information' link.

Max Bet: If you want to clarify the maximum amount that you can bet on a selection then hover over the 'Max Bet' link. If you want to bet the maximum amount allowed then click on it.

Free Bet dropdown: If you want to use one of your free bets then you can choose the relevant one in the 'Free Bet' dropdown.

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