Help Customer Support aims to bring a laugh and a few quid to your betting life. offers excellent prices on racing & football but also offers comprehensive betting on tennis, snooker, cricket, rallying, boxing and a whole lot more.

In addition there's exciting offers to spice up your betting, like the recent Don't Be the Fall Guy Special in which punters whose horse fell at the last got their money back and the regular Red Card Tonight Punters Delight in which if a player is sent off, losing punters who bet on that match will get their money back. There is normally a special on the site at all times.

There are also great novelties from betting on the outcome of reality TV shows, to betting on the winners on music and film awards, to betting on the next Pope.

Paddy Power, bringing you a unique betting service.

  • Tax Free Betting
  • We are licensed and regulated by both the British & Irish Governments
  • Bet by telephone on: 1800 721 821 within the Republic of Ireland,
  • Bet by telephone on: 08000 565 265 within the UK,
  • Bet by telephone on: +353 1 4040100 from the rest of the world
  • Contact Customer Services by e-mail at:
  • Betting with confidence in the knowledge that is supported by a business with a turnover in excess of €1bn.
  • Easy payment methods by credit card or debit card, Neteller, Moneybookers and PayPal for instant betting.
  • A strict non-disclosure policy that ensures your personal details are safe and secure. 

The industry is continuously changing; we strive to change with it and are currently developing many exciting innovations that will truly make your best bet yet!


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