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What is Paddy Power Mobile?

It is the betting service designed by Paddy Power for use with mobile devices. Paddy Power Mobile offers customers a quick and convenient way to bet and manage their account by using a mobile device.

Can I use Paddy Power Mobile?

If you have a mobile phone or device that has access to the Internet and reside in a country where betting is legal, then you can use Paddy Power Mobile.

How can I bet with my mobile phone/device?

Paddy Power offers 2 ways to bet by mobile:

1) Mobile Website

Enter into your phone's internet browser and try our Mobile Internet website.

2) Mobile Application

Go to and follow the instructions to download the application to your phone.

To use the Paddy Power Mobile application it must be downloaded to your phone. This application runs on Java software so you must have a phone that supports Java to use it. Typically java applications are feature rich, full colour and are supported by majority of mobile devices.

How do I find out what mobile phone I have?

The manufacturer and model number is usually displayed on the phone casing under the battery. Alternatively check your phone manufacturers website.

How do I know if my mobile phone is compatible with Paddy Power Mobile?

Paddy Power Mobile is compatible with a wide range of phones. If you have a problem using the mobile internet site or the download application please contact us and tell us what the problem is..

Who should I contact if I have any queries?

You can contact our Customer Service Team from 8.00am - midnight Monday to Saturday and 9.00am - midnight Sunday on the following numbers.

Ireland: 1800 238 888, UK: 08000 565 275, World: +353 1 4040120. You can email us at

Will it cost me anything to use Paddy Power Mobile?

Paddy Power Mobile is free to anyone with a Paddy Power account. A data usage cost will be charged by your mobile phone operator for using their mobile internet/data transfer services. Check your mobile service provider’s website for details on cost.

After I download the application how do install it?

The Paddy Power Mobile application will arrive in your service inbox. Open the message and select download or install. When installation is complete then the Paddy Power Mobile java application will now be ready and accessible in your Applications menu. When placing your first bet you will be required to enter your username and password and also to set up a PIN Number of your choice.

How do I know if my bet has been placed?

As is the case on, when your bet receipt and receipt number is displayed then your bet has been placed. If you have any doubt about whether a bet was placed successfully log on to your account and check your bet history or phone our Customer Service Team.

What happens if I lose connection whilst placing a bet?

If you lose connection whilst using Paddy Power Mobile, you will be able to resume normal operation once the mobile signal is restored. A bet is not confirmed unless a bet receipt number has been displayed. If you have any doubt about whether a bet was placed successfully log on to your account using a desktop PC and check your bet history or else phone our Customer Service Team.

Can I use Paddy Power Mobile when traveling?

Yes.  If your mobile network operator allows you to roam and your phone can connect to the internet, then you can use Paddy Power Mobile in any country where it is legal to bet by Mobile Phone.

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