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Tote Betting: Frequently Asked Questions

How are tote returns calculated?
All bets taken are placed in a centralised pool and the total pool, minus the tote's percentage, is divided between the amount of winning bets to calculate the dividend returned. This dividend is declared to a £1 stake and includes the stake therefore returns are calculated by simply multiplying the stake by the returned dividend. E.g.: Dividend of £4.80, Stake £2, Returns would be £9.60.

Where can I find what the dividends were?
We will not initially be displaying these in our results section so please refer to The dividends for any given race can be found under that race result and the Placepot, Quadpot and Jackpot dividends can be found under the final race at the respective meetings.
Other sites which display returned tote dividends are as follows:

What are the place terms for tote betting?
These are the same as we currently offer on racing, i.e.:
Up to 4 Runners: Win Only
5-7 Runners: 2 places
8 or more Runners: 3 places
Handicaps with 16 or more Runners: 4 places

If I have selected a favourite in Placepot, Quadpot, Jackpot or Scoop 6 bets, what happens if joint favs are returned?
If joint favourites are returned then the one with the lowest race card number is taken as favourite. For example if the Joint Favs were numbers 3 and 9 on the racecard, number 3 would be taken as your selection. If the market is not reformed after a favourite has been withdrawn the horse with the shortest returned price will be taken as favourite.

What happens if my selection is a non-runner in a Placepot, Quadpot, Jackpot or Scoop 6 bet?
Should the chosen selection become a non-runner then it reverts to the returned favourite for that race in line with the rule above.

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