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Please send all Euro and GBP cheques to the following address

              Airton House
              Airton Road
              Dublin 24

Please send cheque to the above address with a letter that states your Username, Full Name and Address.

Once you have sent the cheque you must This is for security purposes. The email must contain the following information please:
Subject line of email must state - "Cheque Deposit".
The Date you sent the cheque, Currency (Stg/Euro), Amount of the cheque, and your Username at
The purpose of this information is to ensure that clients receive the correct amount to be deposited into their accounts

No 3rd party cheques will be accepted; this means cheques drawn on J Bloggs account can only be lodged to J Bloggs account. 

All cheques sent to us must have the account holder's username written on the back of the cheque

No other persons can send cheques on behalf of an account holder.
Please allow 1-5 working days for EURO cheques to clear and 5-10 working days for GBP cheques to clear before any money is deposited to your account.


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