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Every now and then Paddy Power uses fancy terminology to describe processes that we go through to keep your data safe. The mandate for PCI standards applies to all organisations that store, process or transmit credit card data. Protecting customer information and maintaining an excellent reputation are two of its most important values. To this end, Paddy Power regularly has an independent PCI certification company audit our systems.

Paddy Power is PCI compliant, meaning that our systems have been independently certified as safe. Data protection is about your fundamental right to privacy. Paddy Power recognises, respects, adheres to and values that right and we will ensure that the data that you provide us with, is safe. We don’t share data with any third party for marketing purposes (the only time we’ll share any information with another party is for online verification/operative reasons) and we don’t ‘buy’ external lists of e-mail addresses for the purposes of e-mail spam marketing.

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