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In the case of Football and other Sports, bets are settled on the official result published by the official governing body immediately the match/event is finished will be used for settling purposes. Any subsequent corrections or amendments to this result will not apply for settlement purposes. Paddy Power reserves the right to apply a dead heat reduction on any event where more winners are declared than were originally specified.
Please refer to specific rules for individual events.

Related Contingencies:
Multiple bets are not accepted where the outcome of one event contributes wholly or partly to the outcome of the other. If taken in error the stakes will be equally divided where they clash or settled at the special price for the double at the time of the bet.

Example: €20/£20 double Chelsea to win the FA Cup Semi-final 1-0 @7/1 and Chelsea to qualify for the final @4/6 is settled as 2x €10/£10 singles. However where the related parts of the bet are resolved at different times the bet will be settled as instructed, with the price for the second or subsequent legs being determined at each individual stage. For example: A €20/£20 double Chelsea to win the semi-final of the FA Cup and Chelsea to win the FA Cup outright is settled as instructed with the price for Chelsea to win the FA Cup outright being the next price on offer by Paddy Power after the semi-final has been concluded. Should Chelsea lose either the semi-final or final then the bet is a loser.

Example: If any bets are accepted in error on the same selection or team to win multiple events we reserve the right to void such bets or to place them at a special price for the multiple as indicated above.

Sports bets are accepted on a 'Non runner no bet' basis unless stated otherwise; in this case stakes will be refunded on a player or team withdrawn prior to the start of an event. If you have placed a winning bet on a sporting event run on a ‘Non runner no bet’ basis and a different player or team is withdrawn, suspended or disqualified in that market, we may apply the equivalent to a Tattersalls' rule 4(c) to your winnings, based on the price of the selection withdrawn.

Where appropriate certain markets will be offered on an ‘All in compete or not’ basis and in this case if a player or team is withdrawn before they have taken part in the event (in any way), your bet is a loser.

In the case of a fixed draw competition where a team/player is withdrawn,suspended or disqualified, we reserve the right to settle any bets on the subsequent prices once the market has been revised without the withdrawn team/player.

Outright bets on player/team withdrawn after the official start
If a player or team has taken any part in the sporting event once it has officially started and then fails to complete for whatever reason, we will settle your bet as a loser.

Cup/Trophy competitions
Unless we advertise other terms, we will settle outright betting on the player or team that lifts the trophy.

Top Goalscorer/pointscorer markets
Top Goalscorer/pointscorer in a competition will be settled as dead heat rules apply if players finish on the same number of goals/points scored regardless of whether an official result is determined by other means by the sports ruling body.

Outright/Tournament, Match & Handicap Betting
When odds for Outright/tournament, match and handicap betting are advertised and the customer hasn’t indicated clearly their intended market, the bet will be settled on the match betting on the next match to happen involving that team. Where the price taken indicates the customer’s intended market, this will govern settlement. Where only handicap betting is available the bet will be settled as a handicap bet whether selected or not. Where a blatant error is made in handicap set up (i.e. Handicap reads as – instead of + and vice versa) on any of our events, either in running or before the start, we reserve the right to settle bets at the correct handicap at the time at which the bet was placed.

Venue changes
If your team is no longer playing at the venue advertised, your bet will still stand as long as the venue has not been changed to the opponent's ground (or in the case of international matches, as long as the venue remains in the same country). However, Paddy Power reserves the right to void any bet where we feel that a change of venue has had a significant impact on the prices of the match.

Competitors with the same name
Where there is more than one competitor with the same surname and the selection has not been identified by either first name, team (where applicable), or qualifying price the competitor with the lowest advertised price will be taken as the selection. In the event of one or more competitors being quoted at the lowest advertised price the stake will be divided between them.

Late Bets
Bets are accepted up to the off-time of the event or a pre-determined time whichever the earlier. Any bet inadvertently accepted after the betting has closed or where the event was resolved or at a stage where the customer could have any indication of the outcome will be settled at the correct price at the time the bet was placed. The correct price will be determined by Paddy Power's trading department.  Bets placed after the final event result is known will be voided. Should there be a dispute over the off time of an event/market where an official starting time is not given by that sports governing body, then the time that Paddy Power determines the event to have started will govern settlement of all bets.

Unclear Instructions
The onus is on the customer to clearly communicate their intended bet. Where a customer’s bet instructions are ambiguous, Paddy Power reserves the right to settle the bet as we interpret it. If a price is taken then this will determine the customers intended selection. We also reserve the right to split the stakes equally between the various possibilities in the case of an unclear instruction.

All bets are settled strictly on their merits and no plea of precedence will be accepted.

Where there is evidence of Price, Race, Match or Event rigging, we reserve the right to withhold payment, pending the outcome of any subsequent investigation and ultimately to declare bets on that event as void.
Where evidence of rigging exists or where there is evidence of a series of bets each containing the same selection(s), having been placed by or for the same individual or by a syndicate of individuals, we reserve the right to require claims for payment to be submitted in writing to our Customer Service Department.

In the event of an official enquiry in relation to suspicious betting activity surrounding an event, we reserve the right to disclose confidential information to the sports governing body or their representatives, on the condition that they consent to keeping such information confidential.

Score Displays
Score displays are indicative only and no responsibility will be accepted by Paddy Power for bets placed on their basis.

In the event of any injury news being announced in a market where the number of games or price of runners remaining can signifcantly affect the prices, e.g. top goalscorer/top runscorer, we reserve the right to either void bets, apply a rule 4 or revert bets to the next price offered after the market has been revised due to that injury news. This could apply to bets placed between the release of the injury news and the revision of the market in question.

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