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All settlements are based on results and statistics provided by the site "The week in Chess" or the International (FIDE) and local Federations.

All games must start within 24 hours of the original start time for bets to stand. We reserve the right to suspend any or all betting on a game at any time without notice.

Both players must complete at least 2 legal moves each. Otherwise, all bets will be voided.

We won't consider results changed by a Regulation Organism, more than 6 hours after the end of the game.


Overview of Specific Markets:

Game Betting: This is the final result of an individual match. Three results are possible: Win/Draw/Lose.

Match Betting: This bet is the result of the sum of the results of several games. Winning each game counts as 1 point, the draw is worth 0.5 points and losing is worth no points.

Handicap Game Betting: The winner of this bet will be the player with more points after the addition of the handicap to one side (and only one side).

For instance: Player A -0.5  -v-  Player B +0.5

Player A wins the handicap if he wins. Player B wins the handicap if he wins or draws.

Handicap Match Betting: Same as handicap game betting , but applies in a match.

Number of Moves (Total or odd/even): The number of moves in a game is considered to be the number of valid moves made by the player who manages white pieces.

White/Black piece moved on xth move: If the move is a castle, the winner of this bet will be "King". If the xth move is not played because the game finished before, the bet on this market will be voided.

Betting in Running:

All markets are subject to their respective pre match rules for purpose of in running. Where a Handicap or Total Points, "Tie" price is offered the push rule does not apply. When scores are displayed in running, every effort is made to ensure the accuracy of the score and game time, however no liability is accepted for incorrect information displayed.

Where the result of a match is a draw - all bets placed after the last move will be void.

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