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1. All athletics events are subject to Rule 4 (unless otherwise stated).  Rule 4 deductions will be applied at the price the withdrawn athlete was at the time the bet was placed. (Please see rule 4 table under Late Withdrawals in Horse Racing rules) All bets on a non-runner will be void and stakes refund.

2. The final medals table will be used to settle bets on how many medals a country may win. Any subsequent changes to the medals table will not be taken into consideration.

3. In the event of a disqualification, the medals/podium ceremony will count as the final result and determine settlement of bets. In the absence of a medals ceremony bets will be settled on a first past the post basis.

4. For the Olympic Games all events will be settled on the official I.O.C. results.

5. For all other athletics all events will be settled on the official I.A.A.F. results

6. Match Group Betting: Bets will be settled on the highest finisher in the final of the relevant event and is decided on official Olympic/IAAF results. If either or both athletes do not make the final the winner will be deemed to be the athlete who progressed furthest by round and if still undecided then by time achieved the round in which both were eliminated. All bets are void if any athlete in a match/group bet fails to compete.

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