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We will accept bets for greyhound races advertised on our website

Where a 'no-race' is declared and is subsequently re run bets are settled on the re-run

Double Result concession does not apply to greyhound racing.

Greyhound names, where shown, are displayed for information only, with all bets being settled on the trap number. If a reserve dog runs all bets stand, however, if an Early Price is taken and that selection subsequently becomes a Non-Runner then all bets at that Early Price are Void. In the event of a non-runner in a race with Early Prices, all bets placed on the race before the withdrawal will be settled at SP.

Starting price bets will be accepted each way for 1st favourites, and win only for 2nd favourites in horse racing and greyhound racing.

Australian Greyhound Racing

We accept Win or Each Way bets on Australian greyhound racing. We do not accept bets on unnamed favourites or unnamed 2nd favourites. Each way terms are as follows:

All races of exactly 8 runners - 1/5 odds for the first three places

All races of 5, 6 or 7 runners - 1/4 odds for the first two places

All races of less than 5 runners - All place stakes will be treated as win stakes

SP bets will be settled at last board price.

Top Trap Betting All prices quoted are for BAGS/BEGS meetings at the specified tracks unless otherwise stated. Top Trap result stands irrespective of vacant traps, reserves running or void races. Abandoned meetings: Bets stand providing at least half of the races are ran at one of the meetings. All bets are win only and are available up to the first race time only.If there is a dead heat in any race, each trap is creditted with a win. If two or more traps record the same number of wins, dead heat rules apply.

Coursing bets will be settled in accordance with ICC rules or the respective organisation




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