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1. Bets placed on the Lucky Numbers game are settled based on the numbers drawn by the official Lotto draw shown live on RTE 1 or Network 2 each Wednesday and Saturday.

2. In the event of a double draw, all bets pertaining to the lottery that held two draws will automatically be settled on the first draw.

3. All lottery bets on a specific draw must be placed and confirmed before the first number is drawn. If, for any reason any bets are placed after the first number is drawn, those bets will be void and the stakes returned, win or lose.

4. Should a second draw be introduced to take place directly after a primary draw all bets taken will stand on the first full draw only and the second draw will be deemed a void event.

5. If a lottery draw time is moved to another time within 12 hours of the advertised time of the draw, all bets on that draw will stand, unless the bets placed are late, thus in breach of rule 4. If a lottery moves a draw by more than 12 hours of the advertised time, all bets on that draw will be deemed void and the stakes returned. 


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