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1. Should a contestant be evicted from the house, removed by Big Brother or leave of their own accord, they will be settled as a loser. Should that same contestant be re-admitted at a later date, they will be treated as a new contestant and previous bets will not stand.

2. Eviction markets apply only to official Channel Four evictions. Any contestant leaving the house of their own accord or removed by Big Brother will not be treated as the next evictee for betting purposes. Paddy Power reserves the right to void all bets placed on an Eviction Market should the initial line up for eviction be changed. Others may be added to the market at any time.

3. Paddy Power is not responsible for the way in which Channel Four conduct the show. Any late changes to methods of eviction, addition or subtraction of housemates or any other factors affecting the market are beyond our control.

4. Any disputes concerning any market will be referred to Channel Four for clarification; their decision will be treated as final.

5. Paddy Power reserves the right to suspend any market at any time.

6. For the purposes of our markets, we will define an eviction as the permanent expulsion from the house of contestant or contestants. Therefore, 'fake' evictions will not be considered as winners. Therefore any bets placed on a stipulated eviction (e.g. First) will run until a person is seen to egress the house with no immediate prospect of return.

7. Paddy Power reserves the right to apply a dead heat reduction on any event where more winners are declared than were originally specified.

8. In the event of the series been cancelled before an official winner is declared, bets will be settled as a dead heat between the contestants that have not been eliminated. Outright bets on contestants already eliminated will be treated as losing selections.

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